Water is an essential component in our work to protect and improve habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and plant life. The Conservation District is deeply involved in restoring Sturgeon Lake on Sauvie Island, which is critical habitat to fish, birds, and waterfowl, not to mention a large number of amphibians and other critters. West Multnomah Conservation District is the local sponsor of the $7.5 restoration project, conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The District, along with many private and public partners, is still raising money for the project through the Save Sturgeon Lake Campaign, operated by our partner, Oregon Wildlife.

The District also manages the Healthy Streams Program which works to improve degraded stream banks and riparian areas. The program removes invasive weeds along streams, plants native species and takes other measures to improve water quality for fish and other wildlife. The District also monitors water quality in a number of streams and creeks in its jurisdiction.

Our work in water quality falls into these main categories:

Water Quality Monitoring

Stormwater Management

Healthy Streams Program

Sturgeon Lake Restoration Project

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Sauvie Island Pond Project

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Sturgeon Lake Restoration Project

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