We are excited to announce the completion of our 2021-2025 Long Range Business Plan which was formally adopted by our Board of Directors at the June 15, 2021 meeting. This strategic planning document guides the scope of our conservation work and the supporting financial sustainability and organizational health initiatives needed to implement this work over the next 5 years. The plan is centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

View our 2021-2025 Long Range Business Plan (link updated in February 2024 as some revisions were made).

The District incorporated new and diverse perspectives into the development of this plan. Key to this step was reaching out to individuals and communities that the District has not historically worked with.

This outreach initiated important new relationships with representatives of underserved and other marginalized communities – relationships the District will strive to strengthen through implementation of the plan.

Thank you!

We are grateful for of the community members, community leaders, owners of farms and forests, other conservation program participants, organizational partners, and District staff and board who provided valuable ideas and time to help us create this plan! We received 342 community survey responses and conducted 39 partner and program participant interviews to gather community input on what we should focus on over the next 5 years.