Relationships with the Land

Conservation Priorities

Why we do this work

We believe all people deserve to have a connection to the land for fresh food, cultural purposes, and personal enrichment.

  • Our vision is that all people are engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship with the land. This means long-term caring for and giving back to the land, and receiving its gifts.
  • It is our priority to provide opportunities for all people to foster a relationship with the land. This includes people historically and presently displaced from and deprived of land.
  • We aspire for all people to see themselves welcomed in natural areas and playing a part in protecting them.

Current projects:

  • Funding and coordinating the creation of new community gardens
  • Supporting partners to provide environmental education, access to land, and opportunities to get involved in land care projects
  • Helping facilitate local land access for cultural purposes
  • Providing conservation planning information and support to help people foster greater relationships to the land

    Learn more about conservation planning.

How to get involved:

Learn more about community and demonstration gardens.