Conservation Education


Our mission

It is our mission to provide resources, information, and expertise to inspire people to actively improve air and water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and soil health. We are here to answer your conservation questions.

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    Conservation workshops


    We offer workshops to communities and groups on wide variety of conservation topics, including native plants, invasive weeds, wildlife habitat, soil health, and more! See our current selection of workshops.

    • Requesting a workshop

      Please send requests for workshops to

      Requesting organizations are responsible for audience recruitment & securing a workshop location.

    Workshops available upon request


    Learning series workshops offered annually:

    Stormwater Stars

    This workshop series teaches participants how to identify and locate a variety of landscape approaches that are safe, simple, and cost-effective and help improve watershed health! Participants receive classroom and hands-on training in installing these stormwater management techniques.

    Soil School

    Are you a gardener, landscape professional, or do you work on a small-scale farm? If you are looking to learn more about soil health, join us at Soil School!

    Demonstration gardens

    Installing a demonstration garden is a great way to inspire others to plant their own gardens. Share and discover creative plant combinations and clever garden methods. Show how native plants can provide habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects.

    We provide planning and financial assistance for demonstration garden projects.

    Educational programming

    • Non-profit partners and organizations

      We provide financial assistance to non-profit partners delivering land-based youth and adult conservation education, and organizations providing BIPOC-led and culturally specific programming.

      Learn more on our financial assistance services page
    • Schools

      We help schools access funding and curriculum for conservation education and land-based educational opportunities for their students.


    Conservation education resources

    We have a variety of conservation educational materials and resources.