Conservation Priorities

We work alongside residents in our service area to improve air and water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and soil health.

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  • Clean Water

    Clean and abundant fresh water is essential for all life on Earth. We all have an important role to play in caring for our water. Improving water quality for wildlife habitat is core to our work.

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  • Healthy Soil

    Soil is one of the most complex ecosystems on earth. One handful of soil contains more organisms than there are people on the planet! Healthy soil is important for healthy ecosystems above ground.

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  • Habitats & Biodiversity

    Habitats and biodiversity are at the core of much of the work we do, whether in a forest, an urban garden, along a stream, or on a farm. 

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  • Working Farms, Forests & Gardens

    We help people care for farms, forests, and gardens so they have the capacity to provide abundant resources for humans and ecological communities. Our goal is to enhance the long-term health, productivity, and resilience of farms, forests, woodlands, and gardens in our service area.

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  • Invasive Species

    Invasive species are aggressive, introduced plants, insects or animals that can become established without natural predators or climate factors to keep them under control. When left to grow freely, they threaten ecosystem health by pushing out native species and the beneficial insects or wildlife that depend on them.

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  • Relationships with the Land

    We believe all people deserve to have a connection to the land for fresh food, cultural purposes, and personal enrichment.

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  • Climate Change

    Climate change is affecting people and nature in many different ways. Our goal is to promote resilient environments and help communities adapt to the changes they are facing.

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