The Meadowscaping Handbook

cover of Meadowscaping HandbookThe Meadowscaping Handbook: Designing, Planting and Managing an Urban Meadow  is a compilation of knowledge and “lessons learned” by regional ecologists and landscape professionals. It is not meant to be a technical manual, rather the handbook is designed as a “how-to” publication to help gardeners, landscape professionals, and ecologists in the Willamette Valley plan, design, plant, and maintain native plant meadows on small urban plots.

This publication was produced through a collaborative effort with members of the Pacific Northwest Urban Meadowscaping working group and other ecologists and landscape professionals in the Portland Metro region. It is a unique handbook with the latest knowledge small-scale Willamette Valley urban meadows and the important habitat features they support.

Order a copy or download a free version here. Please note: during the current COVID-19 pandemic, orders for printed books may take 2-4 weeks to be filled. 

The Meadowscaping Handbook may be purchased or downloaded for personal use only. No reproduction of this book is permitted without expressed written consent of West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.

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