Weed Watchers

Invasive spurge laurel

Invasive spurge laurel

Do you want to be a Weed Watcher? 

Weed Watchers is a volunteer training program for anyone interested in learning more about how to prevent the spread of invasive weed species.  Trainings are held annually in the spring. Participants learn how to identify and report EDRR (Early Detection-Rapid Response) invasive species in our area. The more eyes on the ground, the better chance we have to keeping new invaders out. Become a Weed Warrior!  Just check our calendar and upcoming events for how to register for the next training.

We just completed a training on April 30th. Check back for future training dates.

EDRR promotes prevention methods such as cleaning your boots and bike tires to checking the spread of a new garden plant. If prevention isn’t possible, the most time and cost-effective way to manage new invasive plants is through EDRR efforts. They include early detection while weed populations are small and rapid control measures, increasing the likelihood that new invasions will not become established. EDRR protocol is practiced in a county-wide partnership that includes East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District and the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES).

Please see our current EDRR Watch List and our Weed Watchers EDRR ID Guide.

Report any sightings in Multnomah County.

For more information about the Weed Watcher training, contact our Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Michelle Delepine at or 503.238.4775, ext. 115.


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