Invasive species

Invasive false brome

Photo by Bruce Newhouse, ODA

Photo by Bruce Newhouse, ODA

False brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum) is a perennial bunch grass native to Eurasia and North Africa. Its spreading quickly through Western Oregon in shaded woodlands, open prairies, river banks and roadsides, displacing native forest understory and vegetation. ┬áThe lime green leaf blade is flat and floppy with fine hairs around the leaves and stem. Flower spikelets droop and have very short or no stalks. Mature plants form solid mats up to 8″ tall.

False brome spreads quickly by seed and its best to dig this one out when it’s small. Be sure to brush off your clothes, shoes, equipment and pets to get any seeds off after walking through infested areas.

Some native plant alternatives are:

  1. Tall Oregon grape
  2. Mountain mahogany
  3. Golden currant
  4. Mock orange
  5. Blue blossom