Zone 2


Includes all properties south of Reeder Rd. bounded on the east by the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. It crosses Multnomah Channel and follows the south property boundary of the Marina to Marina Way and north to Miller Creek. It extends west over US-30 to Newberry Rd. and includes all properties on the north side of Newberry Rd. to the intersection at Skyline Blvd. It extends north to Cornelius Pass Rd. and down to US-30, crossing Multnomah Channel to Reeder Rd. It includes all properties east of Skyline Blvd., south of Cornelius Pass Rd.


Featured Native Species-North American Elk

Many District residents are surprised to learn that North American Elk (Cervus canadensis) live in and around Forest Park. Landowners near the park have reported seeing herds of thirty or more elk on their properties, […]

Heavy Use Paddock

Horses are a common site in the rural areas of Multnomah County. In the pastoral setting of Sauvie Island, they just seem to fit. However the silt and clay soils, coupled with 40 inches of […]

Columbia Farms Chemical Storage Facility

With the help of a grant provided by WMSWCD, Columbia Farms installed an agricultural chemical handling and storage building. This structure allows the farm to store all of its pesticides and other farm chemicals in an […]