We help farmers and livestock owners build healthy soil, promote beneficial pollinators and other wildlife, and conserve and protect water. We offer free technical support for organic and non-organic farms to reduce the use and cost of fertilizers, add cover crops to planting rotations, improve soil quality and production, decrease pests, improve irrigation, and achieve organic certification.

We also provide technical assistance to district residents who own or manage cattle, horses, sheep, llamas and other animals. We write conservation plans to improve land productivity and animal health, including issues related to pasture, mud, and manure management, over-winter areas for livestock and horses, and the establishment of trails and watering facilities away from natural streams.

Our farm activities focus on these major categories:

Organic and conventional farming

Stables/Horses & Livestock

Pasture Management

For more information about our farm programs, contact Rural Conservationist Scott Gall at 503.238.4775, ext. 105 or




Two logos and Tenth Annual Soil School is above garden tools and a green plant with dark soil background
Soil School

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2016-2017 WMSWCD Annual Report

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Annual Report 2015-16

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