Sauvie Island Organics

The folks at Sauvie Island Organics live by the ethic that “a healthy soil will produce healthy crop plants that have optimum vigor and are less susceptible P1020004 SI Cover Cropsto pests.” Since 2011, West Multnomah SWCD has been working with SIO to not only make soil health a priority on their own farm, but also to spread the word to other island farms. Through the Soil Health Initiative, West Multnomah works with farmers to implement the four tenets of soil health:

1) keep the soil covered,

2) Limit disturbance,

3) keep a living root in the soil, and

4) Diversify to benefit microorganisms.

WMSWCD has helped Sauvie Island Organics with soil testing, cover crop selection and even provided assistance to purchase cover crop seed. The Soil Health Initiative is open to all farmers and all types of farms. For more information contact Rural Conservationist Scott Gall; or 503.238.4775, ext. 105.