Sunstone Montessori School Stormwater & Garden Improvement Project

Sunstone students helping improve school grounds.

West Multnomah SWCD is now working with Sunstone Montessori School in the John’s Landing neighborhood on a number of conservation projects.  Sunstone, an Oregon Green School, plans to use the Conservation District’s assistance to install two 60-gallon rain barrels near downspouts to collect rainwater runoff from the roof of its buildings. This will give children an opportunity to experience and learn about storm water management and how to conserve natural resources.

In addition, WMSWCD is helping fund the installation of three above-ground compost bins. Sunstone students will benefit from experiencing the process of turning yard debris into nutrient rich compost. The compost produced by these bins will be used to nourish Sunstone’s garden beds.

Finally, the Conservation District will help fund the expansion of three more raised garden beds for the school. With the addition of these raised beds, Sunstone hopes to produce more vegetables for its on-site food cart program for the toddler community, throughout the year. These raised beds will provide more opportunities for the children to experience the joy and benefit of growing their own produce.