Stormwater Programs

If you live in Portland’s west hills, you’re probably wary of disconnecting downspouts and building a rain garden due to your steep slopes and poorly drainingWindsorCtDrainswPipes soils. However there are many things you can do reduce runoff, erosion and non-point source pollution!

Consider the following ideas:

• Plant a tree (or two or three!)
• Restore your soils – amend damage and degraded soils and replant
• Depave – remove unnecessary impervious surfaces and restore the landscaping
• Install planters – place potted planters over underused hardscapes
• Porous walkways – create pathways that can manage some site stormwater

We have informational fact sheets below to show you how to implement these practices and further explain why we recommend them on these challenging stormwater sites.

Best Management Practices


Contained Planters

Restore Disturbed Soils

Porous Walkways & Patios

Tree Planting

Irrigation Guidance

Homeowner Interest Form

We are proud to support the Stormwater Stars program, which offers hands-on learning and landscaping to reduce stormwater problems. Stormwater Stars is a program delivered by Neighbors West-Northwest and the Westside Watershed Resource Center, in partnership with and funded by contributions from West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District and City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.

Contact Urban Conservationist Mary Logalbo for more information; or 503.238.4775, ext. 103.


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