Board Meetings

The Board of Directors typically meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM in the West Multnomah SWCD 4th Floor conference rooms, 452 A & B, at the Montgomery Park building, 2701 NW Vaughn Street. Please refer to our Events page for more information about specific meetings. If the date or location is different than typical meetings, it will be reflected in the events calendar.  Montgomery Park is ADA accessible and all efforts will be made to accommodate all special needs with appropriate notice. We invite you to review our Policy on Public Participation.

The next meeting of the Board is on Tuesday, March 17, 2019 beginning at 6:00 pm. Members of the public wishing to join should go to the West Multnomah SWCD conference room in suite 450 at the Montgomery Park building, 2701 NW Vaughn Street. 

Adopted minutes (from the previous meeting) and related documents are posted here soon after the board meeting and are available for viewing in the District office.


3/17/20: Agenda, Draft 2-18-20 minutes, Treasurer’s reports, Long Range Business Plan Success Criteria, Conservation Scope Advisory Committee (CSAC) DRAFT Plan, Staff reports

2/18/20: Agenda, Treasurer’s Reports, Annual Work Plans, Budget Committee and Officer Appointments, Staff Reports

1/21/20: Agenda, Approved minutes, Treasurer’s Reports, Communications in 2020, DEI Guiding Principles, Resolution to Adopt Board Duties and Responsibilities and Meeting Rules, Staff Reports


12/17/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, LRBP updates and decision making chart,  Treasurer’s reports,  Resolution to adopt prevention of workplace discrimination, OACD articles of incorporation, Staff reports

11/19/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, Treasurer’s Reports, Auditor’s report, LRBP update on community engagement and outreach, LRBP Board Interview Instructions and materials, Board Practices Assessment (BPA), BPA consultant’s recommendations, NRCS Civil Rights for partners checklist, ODFW thank you letter for Wildlife Tax Incentive Program Interns, Staff reports, Equity lens draft, Presentation on Sturgeon Lake monitoring

10/15/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, Treasurer’s Reports, Staff Reports, Resolution to Adopt Supplemental Budget for General Fund and Sturgeon Lake Restoration Project, SDIS Best Practices, LRBP Update, OACD Proposed Bylaw Amendments, Ballot for OACD Bylaws Amendments, Metro Parks and Nature Bond Resolution, Metro Parks and Nature Bond Measure Fact Sheet, Monitoring for Conservation Success Presentation

9/17/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, Treasurer’s reports 7-2019, Treasurer’s reports 8-2019, Staff reports, Collaborative Restoration Partnership Draft MOU, ODFW Letter re Bills Crossing, Letter of Support, Staff recommendation – North Tualatin Mountains Master Access Plan, OACD bylaw amendments, Ballot for OACD Bylaws amendment, OACD Bylaws redline version, Written public testimony Thompson, Written public testimony Chesarek, Written public testimony McCurdy

8/21/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, Treasurer’s reports, Staff reports, Long Range Business Plan update

No July meeting: Treasurer’s reports, Staff reports

6/12/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, Notice of Budget Hearing, Budget Committee Meeting Minutes, TSCC Budget Certification Letter, Resolution A to Adopt Budget, Draft Summary of Board Roles in FY 19-20 DEI Work Plan, Treasurer’s Reports, Resolution B Extending Workers Compensation Coverage to Volunteers, MOU for the Forest Park Alliance with Application to the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative, Resolution C Granting Delegation of Authority to Enter Permanent Easements, DEI Report, Staff Reports, ODA Capacity Grant Application with Attachments, FY 19-20 Annual Work Plans

5/8/19: Agenda, Approved minutes, Urban Development Initiative Summary and presentationDEI Workplan, Staff reports

5/8/19 Public Hearing: Easement 1Easement 2Easement 3Easement 4

4/17/19: Board and Budget Committee meeting: Agenda, Approved minutesDEI Report, Treasurer Reports February 2019, Treasurer Reports March 2019, Staff reports

4/4/19 Special Meeting: Agenda, Approved minutes, OACD proposed revised bylaws 

3/13/19: Agenda, Approved minutesResolution A – Adopting Revised Officer Elections, Resolution B – Adopting Supplemental Budget, Resolution C – Adopting Revised Financial Policies, Board Equity Lens Training notes, OACD Proposed Revised Bylaws, Staff Reports, Treasurer’s Reports, Staff Presentation: Invasive Species Partnerships, Garlic Mustard Integrated Pest Management Guide

2/13/19: Agenda, Approved MinutesBudget Calendar, Staff Annual Work Plans, DEI Report, Staff reports, Treasurer’s Reports

1/26/19: Approved Minutes, Special meeting – Board training on District’s equity lens: Agenda, Framework, Draft Equity Lens, Sample Exercise Document

1/9/2019: Approved MinutesAgendaTreasurer’s Reports, Staff Reports, Additional materials distributed at the meeting: OACD Legislative Issues, Tualatin SWCD Forestry update, WMSWCD Forestry update


12/12/2018: Approved MinutesAgendaTreasurer’s Reports, Auditor’s Reports and Financial Statements, Staff Recommendation – Multnomah County Land Use Decision and Permits for Metro Parks and Nature’s North Tualatin Mountains Access Master Plan, DEI Initiative ReportResolution — District Purchases From Board Member Operated Or Owned Businesses, Staff Reports, Public Testimony on Metro’s North Tualatin Mountains Access Master Plan: Carol Chesarek

11/7/2018: Approved MinutesAgendaTreasurer’s Reports, Staff Reports

10/10/2018: Approved Annual Meeting MinutesApproved Board Meeting MinutesAgenda, DEI Staff Report, Staff Reports, Treasurer’s Report July 2018, Treasurer’s Report August 2018

9/12/2018: Approved MinutesAgendaTreasurer’s ReportsResolution — Modifying the Format of Resolution No. 2018-06-13AResolution — Establish Date of Annual Meeting, Staff ReportsOregon Association of Conservation Districts Update

No August meeting: Staff Reports, DEI Staff Report

7/11/2018: Approved Minutes, Agenda, Treasurer’s Reports, DEI Staff Report, Staff Reports.

6/13/2018: Approved MinutesAgenda, Treasurer’s Reports,  DEI Staff Report, Staff Reports, TSCC Certification of Budget Letter for Board, Approved to Adopted Budget RecommendationsWMSWCD Board Resolution to Adopt BudgetFinal Resolution Adopting a Public Participation in WMSWCD Board Meeting, Public Comment-WMSWCD Endorsement of Metro’s N. Tualatin Mountains Access Master PlanAnnual Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 for Board ApprovalOregon Clean Energy Jobs Bill BriefKey Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund Talking Points-2018, Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program Brief

5/9/2018: Approved MinutesAgenda, Treasurer’s Reports, DEI Staff Report, Staff Reports, Public Testimony on Metro’s North Tualatin Mountains Access Master Plan: Mike Lindberg, Alexandra Clarke, John Miller and Alexandra Clarke, Hank McCurdy

4/11/2018 Approved Minutes

3/14/2018 Approved Minutes

2/14/2018 Approved Minutes

1/10/2018 Approved Minutes




10/12/2017 – Annual meeting & Board meeting


8/9/2017 – No August meeting held





4/26/2017 Special Meeting Minutes







10/29/2016 (Meeting in place of November board meeting)



8/4/2016 – No August meeting held









12/3/2015 – No December meeting held




8/6/2015 – No August meeting held









12/4/2014 – No December meeting held










2/6/2014 – Cancelled due to inclement weather