Board Meetings

The Board of Directors typically meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. virtually via Zoom unless specified otherwise. We welcome the public to all District board meetings, and the meeting agenda allows time for public comment. Any person may attend the meeting and request to make public comment during the public comment period. A Zoom access code will be required to access the meeting. Interested participants may request the ID by emailing with the subject line “Request for Conference ID” or by calling 503-238-4775 and leaving a voicemail message at extension 100, no later than 5:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.

We invite you to review our Policy on Public Participation.


1/17/23: Agenda


12/20/22: Agenda

11/15/22: Agenda, Draft 11/15/22 Annual Meeting and Board Meeting minutes

10/18/22: Agenda, Draft 10/18/22 minutes

9/20/22: Agenda, Draft 9/20/22 minutes

8/16/22: Agenda, Minutes

7/2022: No July meeting.

6/21/22: Agenda, Minutes

5/17/22: Agenda, Minutes

4/19/22: Budget Committee Meeting and Board Meeting Agenda, Budget Committee Minutes, Board Meeting Minutes

3/15/22: Agenda, Minutes

2/15/22: Agenda, Minutes

1/18/22: Agenda, Minutes


12/21/21: Agenda, Minutes

11/16/21: Agenda, Minutes

10/19/2021: Agenda, Annual Meeting minutes, Board Meeting Minutes

9/21/2021: Agenda, Minutes

8/2021: No August meeting.

7/20/21: Agenda, Minutes

6/15/21: Agenda, Board Meeting Minutes, Budget Hearing Minutes

5/18/21: Agenda, Minutes

4/20/21: Agenda, Budget Committee Meeting Minutes, Board Meeting Minutes

3/16/21: Agenda, Minutes

2/16/21: Agenda, Minutes

1/19/21: Agenda, Minutes

Please contact us at for board materials from prior years.