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Terri Preeg Riggsby

Terri Preeg Riggsby - Zone 5, Chairwoman
Director (2006-)
Zone 5

Terri Preeg Riggsby was born in Virginia ut also spent part of her childhood in Lima, Peru and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Terri recieved her BA in Mass Communication at James Madison University and her Masters in Natural Resource Management at PSU. She also obtained the Watershed Manage-ment Professional Program Certification. Most recently, Terri worked as a senior Performance Auditor for the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, and now owns Babbling Brook Designs, producing and selling functional and environmentally friendly pottery.

I joined WMSWCD in 2006 because of my passion for improving and protecting our natural environment within an urban setting. I’ve spent over 10 years performing and advocating for on-the-ground restoration in and around the City of Portland and I know that getting the right partners working together will yield great results. We are having a great and positive impact on our watersheds by reducing non-point source and storm water pollution and I look forward to continued success.

Terri and her husband Ben Riggsby have fun with their son Caleb. She also likes to hike, garden, and travel.