Welcome our new District Manager, Lynn Barlow

photo of lynn barlow

We are very pleased to share that Lynn Barlow has joined us as our new District Manager.

Lynn joins our team with over 24 years of experience in the conservation field. Her career includes 19 years acquiring, managing, and restoring public natural areas with City of Portland, and most recently, nearly four years with the state Department of Environmental Quality where she managed a federal loan program that funds water quality improvement projects throughout Oregon. Lynn began her conservation career as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer working with food crop farmers to conserve topsoil in a mountainous region of west Africa. She values public and private landowner engagement in sustainable stewardship of natural and working lands. Lynn is committed to the District’s work in culturally inclusive outreach to communities for the purpose of enhancing livability through healthy soil, clean water, and diverse habitats.

Lynn shares, “I look forward to working with the dedicated and knowledgeable staff and board of the WMSWCD to extend science-based technical expertise, information, and resources toward the stewardship of private lands. At the same time, I look forward to learning directly from the people of the district what their soil and water conservation issues are and how the District can be of service.”

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