Native species

Native serviceberry

The serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) is a large deciduous shrub that grows 8-10′ tall and 10′ wide.  It prefers full sun to partial shade.  It’s easy to grow in our climate and produces AmelanchierbloomingPSKPT King CountyWAattractive white flowers in spring, followed by berries that are enjoyed by wildlife. The leaves turn from green to a warm golden yellow in the fall.


Pollinator Monitoring Community Science Program

The District encourages pollinator conservation by helping residents grow vibrant pollinator habitat on their land. Read more on our Planting for Pollinators and Pacific Northwest Urban Meadowscaping pages. To help you learn more about pollinator habitat […]

Small Trillium
Oregon Wildflower App Available

The Oregon Flora Project ( in partnership with the Botany & Plant Pathology Department at Oregon State University and High Country Apps have partnered to produce the new Oregon Wildflowers plant identification app for mobile […]

The Meadowscaping Handbook

Our Meadowscaping Handbook is now sold out!  You can, however, still view it and download it from our website by clicking the link below.  We are now in the process of updating the handbook for […]