Trillium Creek Hillsdale Partners Restoration

Urban Conservationist Mary Logalbo shows your step by step instructions on removing invasive ivy from your land.


Near the heart of the urban Hillsdale Neighborhood we are working with the Portland Christian Center, Neveh Shalom Synagogue, Robert Gray Middle STM @ TrilliumSchool, 22 neighbors and SOLVE to restore a 15 acre section of the Fanno Creek Watershed. The Trillium Creek Hillsdale Partners project includes treating invasive plants and installing thousands of native plants to enhance wildlife habitat and watershed health. The project will be completed using community volunteers and contractor crews. SOLVE will work with school leaders to create service learning projects that benefit the project and also help with volunteer management.

The Conservation District created the plan for this project and is coordinating its implementation, funding and monitoring. Clean Water Services is donating all the plants for this site. The landowners involved in this project have signed on to the conservation plan and have agreed to maintain the project after the contractors help with some of the “heavy lifting” needed in this infested natural area. Invasive treatments and native plantings have started on this site.