SW Parent Child Collective Organic Native Plant Garden

Throughout the winter and spring of 2014 the SW Parent Child Collective (SWPCC) and Michael Carlson of Habitat Restoration NW worked to restore the Douglas IMG_3620fir forest north of the Methodist Church and adjacent to the Vermont Hills Community Garden in SW Portland. West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District created a plan for invasive species removal and also provided funds for the contractor and materials needed for the project. Volunteers from SWPCC and community garden volunteers worked in concert with the contract crew to remove invasive plants including noxious tree species, ivy and blackberry, using all organic methods (manual and mechanical methods).  One wildlife snag (a standing dead tree) was created and became home to a Flicker family last spring. Following invasive species removal, 250 native trees and shrubs were planted by volunteers. Over 50 volunteer hours were committed to the site for installation and continuing maintenance.

SWPCC children have benefited from numerous learning events in the garden and 38 SWPCC parent and community volunteers were trained in invasive plant identification and removal techniques with this garden.