Mountain Park Church Native Plant Garden

Urban Conservationist Mary Logalbo shows your step by step instructions on removing invasive ivy from your land.


About 40 years ago, the church grounds were planted with invasive English ivy. Of course, the church didn’t know it was invasive back then.  The church Work dayfound out and contacted West Multnomah SWCD to help eradicate the ivy.  Now the ivy covered landscape is transformed into an educational native plant garden! This past year forty people came to an event to learn about the native plant garden and over half of them volunteered to pull ivy and clear the area for planting. Following that effort, Wilderness International crews and church volunteers placed fabric, compost and mulch and installed 200 native plants in the target area. Educational signage was posted about the importance of native plant and invasive species removal.

Future plans for the garden include public education and demonstration through WMSWCD events and church efforts such as Children’s Garden Days. To date, plant survival rate is at 100% and the church members have noted birds and bees visiting the garden. Every week hundreds of people walk along the garden area, including members of the general public that are just passing through, and enjoy the new natural area.