Discussion Papers

From time to time, the staff and board of West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District are either compelled to comment or called on to provide support for issues of environmental interest.

The WMSWCD Board of Directors requested that staff provide discussion papers on the following topics:

Employees of the West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District is a state-designated “special district” and is prohibited by state law from taking part in any political campaign or lobbying. The discussion papers on the Outdoor School Measure and Metro’s Parks Levy are only offered as background and analysis of the issues and do not make any recommendations on possible positions the Board could take on these two ballot initiatives.

At its September 1, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, the West Multnomah SWCD Board voted to accept the staff recommendation with regard to the Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup Plan. The board also voted to support both ballot measures, however any further communication regarding the two measures will be done without using District time or resources, as stated under state law.

Besides the three discussion papers provided here for information, also provided is the Board of Director’s comment on the Proposed Cleanup Plan for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.