Columbia Farms Chemical Storage Facility

With the help of a grant provided by WMSWCD, Columbia Farms installed an agricultural chemical handling and storage building. This structure allows the farm to store all of its pesticides and other farm chemicals in an insulated environment so that containers don’t degrade or crack due to extreme hot and cold temperatures. The structure was designed to meet all EPA and OSHA standards so accidental spills can be contained and properly disposed of in a space that ensures worker safety.

The structure itself is essentially a typical farm shed resting on a concrete pad with curbs that can contain accidental spills. The building has large sliding doors for the loading and unloading of supplies and is equipped with fans for proper ventilation. An eye wash and shower station is located just inside the building, in addition to other OSHA requirements.

This project is a real “win-win” for the farm and all landowners of Sauvie Island. Columbia Farms gets a modern facility to store their agricultural chemicals and the ground water resources of Sauvie Island are protected from accidental spills and potentially leaking chemicals.