Balch Creek Canopy Weeds Project

Today we’re highlighting our “How to Remove Clematis” video for your viewing pleasure. This invasive canopy weed is abundant throughout our region, and is often found alongside English ivy, taking down trees in our forested areas. Please share this with your friends and neighbors and help us battle this robust invader!



CIMG0946The Balch Creek Canyon starts in the Tualatin Mountains of the West Hills flowing east down Cornell Road through Forest Park’s Lower Macleay Park section. Balch Creek is an ecologically significant watershed with over 120 documented plant species and abundant wildlife including 70 resident and migrant birds as well as a small population of cutthroat trout. A majority of landowners along this waterway have taken advantage of the Canopy Weeds program and you can view the dead and dying ivy on big beautiful trees as you drive up Cornell and Thompson.

In addition, many landowners have decided they want to do more to enhance their natural areas and have developed and implemented conservation plans with us. The District’s goal is to work with all the landowners along this important waterway.