Youth Environmental Education

GrowLunchGarden2 May 18, 15Hands-on experience guided by a fun smart curriculum is the best way to learn. We help fund environmental education field trips and school programming provided by the excellent organizations who do this work. We also help connect teachers to existing environmental education curriculum and support the development of new regionally specific curriculum that will meet Next Generation Science Standards, the goals of Oregon’s Environmental Literacy Plan, and more.

If you are interested in school field trips or in-class environmental programming, or want more information or further resources, contact our Urban Conservationist, Mary Logalbo at or (503) 238-4775, ext. 103.  To apply for assistance of up to $2,000 per year (up to three years), submit this Funding Request Form to Mary Logalbo. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis and awarded based on available funds project compatibility with the District’s mission.

We have sponsored field trips to:

Sauvie Island Center, Tryon Creek State Park (Hosted by Friends of Tryon Creek)

We have sponsored/funded school environmental education programming provided by:

Dig In Community, Living Streams assemblies with Will Hornyak, ECO (Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors), Mary Rieke Elementary

Environmental Curriculum:

Sauvie Island Center Trip Resources for Educators

Soil Health Curriculum

From Salmonberry to Sagebrush, Grades 9 – 12


Sunstone Montessori School Stormwater & Garden Improvement Project

West Multnomah SWCD is now working with Sunstone Montessori School in the John’s Landing neighborhood on a number of conservation projects.  Sunstone, an Oregon Green School, plans to use the Conservation District’s assistance to install […]

SW Parent Child Collective Organic Native Plant Garden

Throughout the winter and spring of 2014 the SW Parent Child Collective (SWPCC) and Michael Carlson of Habitat Restoration NW worked to restore the Douglas fir forest north of the Methodist Church and adjacent to […]

Sauvie Island Academy School Garden

Sauvie Island Academy (SIA) located amongst the rural farmland on Sauvie Island is a public charter K-8 school with strong environmental and place-based curriculum. The District has partnered with SIA for several years on a […]