Financial Assistance

A variety of funding sources may be appropriate for your conservation and watershed health projects, including District, local, state, federal, and non-profit sources. If you already have a well defined project, we can help you decide the appropriate source to pursue. If your project is not yet ready for submitting to a funding source, then you can work with Conservation District staff to complete a plan.

If you’d like to work with the District on a conservation project, we have a number of programs that can provide funds to implement projects.  These include programs in forest health, canopy weed removal, riparian restoration, and habitat restoration. Typically, program managers meet with landowners to view their land, talk about the issues they face and discuss possible solutions. During this process, managers can direct landowners to funding agencies or identify District funds that may be appropriate to partially or fully fund the project.

Along with other agencies that provide grant programs, such as Metro’s Nature in Neighborhoods program or the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board’s Small Grant Program, the District operates the Financial Incentives for Sustainable Habitats program, or FISH.