District Zones

There are five zones within the West Multnomah SWCD.


On June 13th, 2005, the District Board of Directors adopted new zone boundaries. On December 16th, 2005, the Oregon Department of Agriculture notified the District that the Zone Boundaries had been approved according to ORS 568.560. The zone boundaries are defined as follows:

Zone 1:

Includes all of Columbia County, bounded by the Columbia River on the east, until it approaches the nearest property line that extends to Reeder Rd. It then turns SW and includes all property north of Reeder Rd. extending across Multnomah Channel to US-30 at the property boundary on the north side of the house boat moorage. Includes all Multnomah County properties east of Hwy. 30, north to Columbia County.

Zone 2:

Includes all properties south of Reeder Rd. bounded on the east by the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. It crosses Multnomah Channel and follows the south property boundary of the Marina to Marina Way and north to Miller Creek. It extends west over US-30 to Newberry Rd. and includes all properties on the north side of Newberry Rd. to the intersection at Skyline Blvd. It extends north to Cornelius Pass Rd. and down to US-30, crossing Multnomah Channel to Reeder Rd. It includes all properties east of Skyline Blvd., south of Cornelius Pass Rd.

Zone 3:

Extends east from the intersection of the Washington and Columbia County lines and south from the County line intersection with US-30, including all properties west of US-30 to Cornelius Pass where it follows the road to the north until its intersection with Washington County. Includes properties north of Cornelius Pass.

Zone 4:

Bounded on the west by the Washington County line, to the north by Cornelius Pass and Newberry Roads, including all properties south of those roads. Bounded to the east by the Willamette River and to the south by West Burnside.

Zone 5:

Includes all properties south of West Burnside. The east boundary is the Willamette River; on the south it is the Clackamas County line; and on the west, it is the Washington County line.