Additional Resources for Floating Homeowners & Marina Managers

Boats & Boating

Clean Boater Guide: Includes information on bilge care, boat bottom paints, waste pumping & collection facilities, boat cleaning, gray water, garbage, alternatives to toxic products, fish cleaning, invasive species, vessel maintenance, and floating restroom locations.

Protect Oregon’s Waterways against Aquatic Invasive Species Brochure

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit


Clean Marinas

Oregon Clean Marina Program

Clean Marina Guidebook

Fish Cleaning & Garbage Around Marinas


Waterway Recreation

DEQ Willamette River water quality information

Willamette Riverkeepers’ Willamette River water quality information

City of Portland Willamette River water quality information


Plants & Invasive Species

Weed Watchers EDRR Guide for Multnomah County & Sandy River Basin

Oregon Department of Agriculture weed resources

New Zealand Mud Snail-USDA

Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata): An Aquatic Invader-Brochure

South American Water Weed (Egeria densa): Aquatic Invader-Brochure

Yellow Floating Heart (Nymphoides peltata)-Brochure

Common Aquatic Plants of the Columbia Slough



Common Birds of the Columbia Slough Watershed

Citizen Science on Important Bird Areas/Wapato State Access Area

Sauvie Island Bird Checklist

Wapato Access Area Habitats & Wildlife

Native Fish of the Columbia Slough

Turtles in the Portland Area

Creating Roost for Bats

Little Brown Bat

Wetland Management for Amphibians in the Willamette Valley

Attract Reptiles and Amphibians to Your Yard

Information for Landowners Interested in Red-legged Frogs

Comparison of Egg Masses by Common Amphibians in the Willamette Valley


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